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Barangay Justice
GRF partners with barangay leaders to uphold and promote peace in communities

The Barangay Justice Program (BJP) promotes governance and rule of law through community participation and citizen empowerment.

Under the Program, GRF mobilizes and trains community-endorsed citizen volunteers called Barangay Justice Advocates (BJAs) on mediation, peace counseling and various aspects of the law. As a peace advocate, a BJA facilitates the conflict settlement process appropriate to the nature of the dispute between parties to prevent conflict from escalating into violence.

With funding from USAID, the Program started in Panay Island in 1998 to improve access to justice of high-risk families particularly of women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

In 2002, GRF responded to the call for BJP expansion in Mindanao initially starting in the ARMM and later on expanding to other conflict affected areas to help address community conflicts.

GRF customized a model using culturally-sensitive modes of dispute resolution among multi-ethnic groups of BJAs to promote peace. After 12 years, the BJP model in Mindanao has been assessed as a speedy, inexpensive, culturally-responsive alternative dispute resolution mechanism that prevented community conflicts from escalating into violence.

In 2011, GRF became an accredited service provider of the Local Government Academy for the Foundation’s barangay justice training modules. With the increasing demand for training from LGUs that have not been served by the Project, GRF shall continue its work in conflict affected areas to help reduce violent conflicts and promote community peace through the BJAs. By design, local government units and resource partners are engaged in all phases of the Program to sustain the gains in conflict reduction.

Program Impact
  • BJAs helped resolve disputes most of which would have escalated into violence if unresolved
  • Enhanced role of women mediators as active catalysts of peace in the community
  • Positive behavioral changes of community on local alternative dispute resolution models
  • Increased awareness of communities on availability of ADR models such as BJAs for conflict mitigation and management
  • Declogging of cases filed to the Katarungang Pambarangay (KP) resulting to improvement in access to community justice
  • Representation of BJAs in local peace and order councils
  • LGUs in Mindanao provided funding to finance expansion and replication of BJP Program

GRF Honorary Chair Sec. Mar Roxas, GRF Chair Former Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, and GRF President Judy A Roxas with partners and BJAs at the Barangay Justice Congress in Davao City

Muslim women undergoing BJA Training on Counseling and Mediation