Our Programs
What we do.

GRF promotes good governance among public and private partners to encourage accountability.

In 1997, the GRF established the Institute for Local Governance envisioned to capacitate local governments for responsive and participatory governance in partnership with civil society.

GRF trained LGUs and NGOs in areas of Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Customer Service Relations, and Barangay Development Planning. As an accredited provider of the Technology of Participation (TOP) training module, it has conducted TOP training sessions in Indonesia and Thailand for Local Chief Executives and private institutions.

Today, GRF continues to promote good governance among public and private sector partners to encourage transparency and accountability. Its focus is on conduct of research studies, facilitating multi-sectoral dialogues and development of leadership training modules for the youth to improve governance.

In 2014, the GRLA Students Society, together with GRF launched the program “REVISE: Reformation of Youth Towards Nation-Building through the Values of Integrity, Service and Excellence”. REVISE is a community-based training program aimed at inspiring youth leaders to engage in nation-building.