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Academy of Leaders

The Academy of Leaders is a 4-step program towards transformation and nation building. This is exclusively given for free to Gerry Roxas Leadership Awardees who are currently in college. Each module is customized per year level and provides various subject matters that are relevant to them in their college lives:
  • Level 1 – Basic Leadership Training
  • Level 2 – Advance Leadership Training
  • Level 3 – Mentoring
  • Level 4 – Internship and Job Placement
What is the Basic Leadership Training?

The Basic Leadership Training is a two-day camp experience for Gerry Roxas Leadership Awadees to get to know the person behind their medal, hone their leadership skills, meet and value new friendships with their fellow awardees, give a whole new meaning to the award and have lots of fun.

Who is eligible to join the Basic Leadership Training?

The program is open to Gerry Roxas Leadership Awardees who are currently college freshmen and pursuing undergraduate studies in any academic institution in the Philippines.

What does the training cover?

Unique features of the Basic Leadership Training include sessions on leadership, social issues and the relevance of integrity, service and excellence - the core values of the Gerry Roxas Foundation. Other activities include funshops, teambuilding exercises and a socials night. The participants are also given a chance to render community service through the programs of the Gerry Roxas Foundation: Leadership Development, Barangay Justice, Community Outreach, Governance and the Philippine-American Fund. The camp ends with an oath-taking as new members to the GRLA Students Society.