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Principals' Forum

The Forum is a one-day conference intended primarily to orient High School Principals on the mission and programs of the Gerry Roxas Foundation; and secondarily, help them

  1. identify basic areas of school leadership improvement,
  2. determine priorities,
  3. develop readily doable strategies, and
  4. embark on a change initiative to lead and manage their schools more effectively. 

What are the Objectives of the Forum?

The Principals Forum aims to achieve the following objectives particularly for the partner schools who have been giving the Gerry Roxas Award for many years to the deserving graduating student in their school and for those who want to be partners with GRF Leadership Development Program:

Specific objectives of the Forum are as follows:

  • Fully orient School Heads on the GRF mission, vision, programs and milestones
  • Bring forth better understanding by the School Heads of the GRLA medal
  • Provide a venue for School Heads to develop their competence in managing their schools more capably and efficiently
  • Enhance and complement knowledge on important issues and trends on school leadership
  • Revisit and facilitate refinement and focus on opportunities and threats in the school and its environment

Who Can Attend the Forum?

The Forum is open for all public and private High School Principals nationwide.

What are the Topics Discussed in the Forum?

  • GRF Programs, Projects and Activities
  • Education Law 7877
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Management and Administration
  • Counseling Techniques
  • Human Relations
  • Curriculum Development and Management
  • Working with Community and the Stakeholders
  • Resource Mobilization