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Phil-Am Fund
GRF partners and builds capacity of organizations to manage and sustain social development programs

A significant milestone in the journey of the Foundation in 2013, is the award of a 5-year contract from USAID to manage the Philippine-American (Phil-Am) Fund in partnership with SGV & Co.

The Phil-Am Fund is a grant-making facility managed by GRF, which provides opportunities for non-state institutions to devise new solutions for many of the Philippines’ development challenges. It is the biggest grant awarded to a Philippine NGO placing GRF as the 20th largest USAID local implementing partner in the world in 2013.*

SGV as partner, provides technical assistance in the review of applications, conduct of pre-award survey, review and retooling of grantees’ financial and management systems, and risk-assessment of the Phil-Am Fund facility.

The Project provides seed grants and capacity-building interventions to qualified non-state partners that support five broad categories:
  • Economic Development
  • Governance
  • Anti-trafficking in persons
  • Education
  • Biodiversity
The Fund is open to all Philippine private, for profit and non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including universities, research organizations, professional associations, faith-based and community organizations and other relevant special interest associations. In some cases and with pre-determined funding caps, proposals from U.S. organizations may also be accepted.

For more information, visit the Phil-Am Fund microsite.